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pocketfics's Journal

Pocket's Fics
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Hi. This is the fic journal for pockettheroach. It's a community because I am lazy and don't want to log in and out every time I post, but it just has me as a member. Friend away, and every post will be public, so have no fear of missing anything.

WARNING: There is likely to be NC-17 content in here. It will always be cut and marked accordingly. I have no control over who reads this, so use your judgement.

Stuff you'll see in here:

Harry Potter - I generally write older gen slash, though when I get in parody mode (which is often), anyone's fair game. Whether it's explicit or not, Remus/Sirius is pretty much always assumed in my fics. Other pairings likely to pop up are Lucius/Snape and crossover BtVS with Remus/Giles. However, I don't often write ship-centric fics; more often there's another plotline with ship on the side. I will also often write Remus/inanimate object.

Good Omens - Same as above, really. Aziraphale/Crowley=yes.

Other stuff I occasionally hit on includes BtVS, Discworld, various Gaimanverses, and maybe even The X-Files if I feel so inclined. But discount nothing.

And oh yes--all characters are the property of their respective creators/corporate entities, and I make no profit from any of this. I just like to play.

Looking for more? All fics I've written on LJ prior to this journal are here. I have stories at FA in Astronomy Tower, The Dark Arts, and Riddikulus. I run The Watcher And The Wolf, an archive for Remus Lupin/Rupert Giles, which is currently sort of a mess and will be moved to a new server fairly soon.

And finally, the total self-pimp:

Remus Gets A Book