Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik (pockettheroach) wrote in pocketfics,
Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik

Written last year for hp100...but I still love it.

Harry stepped into the headmaster's office. Dumbledore's desk was strewn with remnants of wizard crackers and a stack of unopened gifts which, by their shape, revealed the contents as enormous books. Dumbledore himself was pondering the stack, a look of mild distate on his face.

Dumbledore looked up. "Merry Christmas, Harry! What do you need?""

"I got you something." Harry handed him the small package, very different from the pile already sitting on the desk.

Dumbledore opened it slowly. His face lit up and he started laughing as he finally saw the contents. "Why, thank you, Harry. One can never have enough socks."
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