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Written last year for hp100...but I still love it. [25 Dec 2004|12:09am]

Harry stepped into the headmaster's office. Dumbledore's desk was strewn with remnants of wizard crackers and a stack of unopened gifts which, by their shape, revealed the contents as enormous books. Dumbledore himself was pondering the stack, a look of mild distate on his face.

Dumbledore looked up. "Merry Christmas, Harry! What do you need?""

"I got you something." Harry handed him the small package, very different from the pile already sitting on the desk.

Dumbledore opened it slowly. His face lit up and he started laughing as he finally saw the contents. "Why, thank you, Harry. One can never have enough socks."
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[09 Dec 2004|10:34am]

Not a fic. But I threatened, and here it is. :D

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Easier Without Angels, Chapter 2 [07 Dec 2004|01:57pm]

Is there a community especially for GO crossover fic? Because I now want to write ten-year-old Weasley twins visiting Lower Tadfield and Shadwell trying to count Dumbledore's nipples. I think one is necessary.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. Thanks to everyone who commented, because I seriously need the motivation, I tell you, what with the chronic ADD and such. And if anyone familiar with my works at pervy_werewolf is able to spot the line where I had to restrain myself from writing further and laughed like the twelve-year-old I am, you win a disgusting drabble. (Or, for that matter, finds lines where I could have done so. I keep having to remind myself that this is a grown-up fic, or something.)

Easier Without Angels, Chapter 2Collapse )
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[05 Dec 2004|07:57pm]

Title: Easier Without Angels, Chapter One
Fandom: Harry Potter/Good Omens crossover
Pairings: Remus/Sirius (implied), Aziraphale/Crowley, Aziraphale/Remus, Crowley/Remus
Rating: Will eventually contain hard R/NC-17 content. None yet. PG-13 at the lowest.
Notes: For corporal_katz. :D And since this will likely get crossposted around a bit, because I rather like it, it is post-Order of the Phoenix, so don't read unless you've read that. Spoiler city. This is a WIP, feel free to bug me for updates if they're not forthcoming in a week or so, because if I haven't updated in a week, I need to be bugged. Also this is much shorter than I would have liked--around 1200 words, methinks--but I hit sort of the endpoint. So. :D

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[05 Dec 2004|01:35pm]

The year's first Christmas drabble, written for hpsquick100. Enjoy. :D

Title: A Very Memorable Christmas Gift
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Ron, Fred, George, and er. Read. :D

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